Goldface Tilefish
Weight Date Angler Category
4.50 Lbs  August 2010  Bruce Slaven  Rod & Reel 
On August 6, 2010 my long time bass fishing buddy, Bruce Slaven joined me for an offshore trip. While we were bottom fishing for some grouper, in relatively shallow water, Bruce came up with an unusual species of tilefish, a Goldface Tile. Unfortunately, the reason I knew the species was because we had landed one earlier this season, but had not recognized it as a potential state record. I learned from my previous mistake, and Bruce earned his first state record on the Possession Limit.

A few weeks later, I discovered that the current IGFA record for this species is listed as "Atlantic Golden Eyed Tilefish"... and the current record was only 4lb 1oz. We submitted the paperwork and in November 2010, Bruces's fish was officially certified as the new IGFA World Record.